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Tim Holloran

President & Head of events and Membership

My introduction to the enthusiast world was back in 2000. With the introduction of Superman: Ride of Steel at my home park, Six Flags New England. Soon thereafter, I found myself traveling to Cedar Point for the much anticipated Millennium Force! Let’s just say after experiencing Cedar Point I was hooked on finding that next thrill.

Fastforward to today, and I am lucky enough to organize events for some pretty great members and friends. I strive to bring a smile to each persons face I interact with, providing an experience that brings us all together in this crazy hobby we all love. Feel free to say hello if you ever see me on The Midway!

Chris Hughes

Discount Coordinator

I work with parks all across the country that extend discount offers for all of you. A majority of my work happens during the “off season” but I also work throughout the year on updating everyone on new discounts/promotions from parks.

Prior to stepping into my role as the Discount Coordinator, I helped our leadership launch our fan sites, specifically CPFansite and KIFansite. I also assist Tim with social media throughout the year.

I personally started getting interested in amusement parks in 1993 on my first trip to Kings Island. I live in Central Ohio where I consider Kings Island and Cedar Point my home parks. I worked at Kings Island in college on Diamondback, The Crypt and sometimes The Beast. I currently work in education. When I’m not at a park, I enjoy spending time in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, exploring the world of photography and spending time with friends/family.

You can generally find me near Diamondback, Mystic Timbers and The Beast at Kings Island or near Maverick, Valravn, GateKeeper and Raptor at Cedar Point!

Hope to see you on the Midway!

Derek Poitras

Orlando Florida Southeast Region and Producer of Off Track Podcast 

Hey everyone! My name is Derek, and I’m the Southeast/Florida guy. My role mainly is to provide original content to you, our fans, and to keep you constantly updated with all things happening in this part of the country, whether it be attending a media event, reviewing a bar, or just simply exploring one of the parks here in the theme park capital of the world.

I’ve been a fan of theme parks ever since I was a kid, and I’ve worked in the industry down here in Florida for some years now. I’m originally from New England, where Six Flags New England was my home park. I currently live in Orlando, and I promise to keep you all entertained and informed with everything thats happening in this corner of the country!

Jonathan Robbins

Content Contributor, International Trip Coordinator

Hi all! I’m Jon, and I’ve been a member of the Coaster Crew since 2014.  I provide content for and help manage the social media channels for the Crew as well as try to keep everyone up-to-date on what’s going on at my home park of Dollywood and the Great Smoky Mountains.  I also plan and organize our international events like our very first overseas trip, Coaster Crew Leaps the Pond, in 2017 and the upcoming Coaster Crew’s European Vacation in 2019!

I’ve been a fan of amusement parks since my earliest memories of annual family vacations to Carowinds, Dollywood, Tweetsie Railroad, or Ghost Town In The Sky.  I make it a point to try to take annual road trips to hit as many new parks as possible in areas of the country I’ve never visited.  Today, while I spend plenty of time on the midway and I do love riding, you’re most likely to find me trying out the newest food or bar that a park has to offer.  And if there’s a special event or festival, I’m sure to be there.

Chris Predkiewicz

Content Contributor

Hi everybody! I am Chris, a contributor to the Coaster Crew family. You may have seen me in some of our YouTube videos featuring attractions at Six Flags Great America near Chicago, Illinois.

I frequently visit most of the midwest parks including Six Flags Great America, Cedar Point, and Kings Island. I always look forward to taking a road trip and visiting new parks and attractions.

During the off-season and times when I am not travelling to amusement parks, I run a digital marketing and development company. My hobbies include amusement parks, application development, martial arts training, and discovering new experiences and places.

See you on the midways!

Tyler Gaddey

Content Contributor 

Hello there Coaster Crew fans/members! I’m Tyler, and I help with all things video and photo related.

I love going to the parks and meeting new people who share their love of coasters and theme parks as much as I do. You’ll probably catch me most often at Kentucky Kingdom, Kings Island, Holiday World, and Beech Bend and if you see me there, don’t be afraid to say hello!

My fiancée and I love to travel and explore with our two dogs, and I always have my cameras to take photos and film all the new stuff we encounter. I’m a huge Star Wars and Disney fan and love to collect anything related to both. My favorite coaster is Diamondback, and I’ve ridden The Voyage at Holiday World over 500 times.

See you on the Midway!

William Supko

Resident Photographer 

I’m William supko and I’ve been a Coaster Crew member since 2012. My first event was at Hersheypark and I made so many great connections. Since then I’ve been working with the Coaster Crew as a staff photographer and social media assistant.

In addition to working with the crew I am a rides supervisor at Hersheypark as well as working on various photo projects for my own photography company,

Bradley Kilgore

Content Contributor, General Manager of CPFansite

Hi everybody! I am Brad, the general manager of CPfansite and proud member of our parent company and roller coaster club, Coaster Crew. I have been going to Cedar Point since I was born and now go several times a week during the season. I have such a strong passion for the park’s history, atmosphere, people, and rides! My favorite roller coaster as a child was Magnum XL-200 and now my favorite ride is Millennium Force, which I have ridden almost 5,000 times!

I have so many friends that I have met at the park, both employees and guests and they are all like family to me.

When I am not at the park and not working, I am probably riding roller coasters at another park. I frequent Kings Island and help cover that park on CPfansite.

During the off-season, I do lots of work on the CPfansite website and enjoy my other hobby, Nintendo. I am a big-time collector and gamer of anything and everything that has to do with Nintendo. I am also a proud husband and father of two boys.

If you see me on the midways, say hi! I love meeting new people and new ride buddies!

Jenny Fiedler

Content Contributor, Asst. General Manager of CPFansite

Hi everyone! My name is Jenny! I am the Assistant Manager of CPfansite and also a staff member for Coaster Crew. I have been a Cedar Fair Platinum Passholder since 2012. Cedar Point is my home park. I go there at least once a week during the summer and pretty much every weekend during HalloWeekends. My favorite roller coaster is Millennium Force of course of course! In addition, I am a member of Coaster Crew, so I go to a lot of roller coaster events. So far, I have ridden a total of 268 different roller coasters and have been to 40 different amusement parks!

Other than riding roller coasters, I love watching NFL football. I am a huge Pittsburgh Steelers fan and go to a game with my dad every year. I also enjoy playing video games, especially Nintendo ones. The Nintendo GameCube is my all-time favorite video game system and Mario Party 6 is my favorite game.

As far as school, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from the University of Toledo. Right now, I am in my first year of dental school at Case Western Reserve University. My goal is to become an orthodontist. When I am not at school, I work at GameStop as a Game Advisor.

I enjoy meeting new people, so if you ever see me at a park, feel free to come say hi and talk to me!

Richard Shilhanek

Content Contributor Southwest Region

Hello Coaster Crew members and fans. My name is Richard, and I will be bringing you awesome content from the Southwest area of the country. You can currently find me most often on the weekends operating the steam trains for SFOT. I have been a fan of amusement parks for over 15 years, but it has only been in the last 6 years that I have been able to really travel and explore other parks and rides. When not operating the steam trains, I like to travel to other parks around the country with my favorite park being Cedar Point, and favorite ride being Maverick. Every year I try to add two new parks to my collection, and this year I will pass the 100 coaster credits milestone. I look forward to bringing you rare and unique content from parks around the country. RIDE ON!

Eric Karker

Content Contributor Mid West Region

Hey everyone! My name is Eric and I’m a contributor here at Coaster Crew. I’ve been an enthusiast since the time I rode my first coaster at Kings Dominion as a child. My first job was even as a ride operator on the now defunct Hyper Sonic XLC. My passion continues to thrive today as I travel to many of the parks for single day trips in the Midwest. I enjoy enjoy doing reviews of rides and parks and I hope you enjoy reading what I bring to the table.

In my spare time I enjoy spending time with my wife and son and going to the gym a few times a week. My other hobbies are snowboarding, which I’ve been doing for 23 years which I’m professional certified in, and doing my sports podcast Avg Sports/Avg Guys.
I look forward to meeting you all out there.

Matt & Gina Monroe

Residsent Bloggers & Content Creators

Hi, we are Matt and Gina Monroe from Ohio. Matt’s love of roller coasters started in the mid 90s with a ride on The Beast, even though Gina spent a lot of time at Kings Island, she did not get into it until meeting Matt. One of our first dates was at Kings Island and our honeymoon was at Cedar Point. We joined the Coaster Crew in early 2014 and have made many friends and can be found at various events. Matt is a Software Quailty Assurance Manager and also enjoys watching sports and playing video games. Gina is a Asst. Manager at a distribution company, she enjoys hanging out with her friends and family. Gina also likes to do arts and crafts and playing many different types of games. You can find us regularly at Kings Island but we also frequent Dollywood and Cedar Point. We really like to visit parks during the different seasons as we enjoy waterparks, haunted attractions, and Christmas events. Feel free to stop by and say hi if you see us!!!

Kyle Majkowski

Content Contributor New England Region

Hello everyone! My name is Kyle and I love amusement parks! Roller coasters have been a passion and hobby of mine since I was a child. I grew up, and still live in Massachusetts, with Six Flags New England being my home park. I can remember visiting Riverside with my father and telling him I would never ride a roller coaster in my life! One day I conquered that fear and they have been an obsession ever since. I’ve worked at Six Flags New England as a rides supervisor for six years, and I’m currently a hotel manager. You can find me contributing content for parks within the New England region, and New Jersey as well. I love to travel all around the US and Canada. Fun fact: I’m such a huge Disney fan I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up living in Florida one day. Besides amusement parks you can find me watching my local New England sports teams. Or simply counting the days until Halloween season starts again! If you see me in the midway be sure to say hello!

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