Today our journey brought us to Austell, Georgia, home of Six Flags Over Georgia, to attend the media preview event for the newest addition to the park, Twisted Cyclone. After the closure of the Georgia Cyclone in 2017, the transformation that Rocky Mountain Construction company did was amazing and a great addition to the park’s diverse lineup of rides and attractions. Twisted Cyclone offers maximum thrills by combining the best of both coaster worlds — a classic wooden structure integrated with a modern, steel track for multiple inversions and a smoother, more thrilling riding experience.

Speaking with Park President Dale Kaetzel, “Twisted Cyclone is a state-of-the-art thrill that features extreme characteristics of both steel and wood to deliver an incredible ride experience unmatched in the Southeast. It offers many thrilling elements on a coaster that fits in a smaller, more compact layout.”

The Media event started at 4am for local television and radio broadcasts. We arrived about 8am with the start of the internet media and local personalities. The rain died down from the morning about then that left the sky to be cloudy and overcast. It provided a good backdrop for a coaster themed to a Cyclone coming through.

They used the same entrance and queue building as the previous Georgia Cyclone attraction. It provides a way to get out of the sun on those hot summer days while waiting in the queue for the ride.

The queue line has been added with a surfboard and some cyclone related articles and posters along the walls to add to the elements of the ride. I would guess that the queue line will extend out from the building on busy days, given the popularity of the new ride transformation. It is a locker-based ride, so you will have to place backpacks, purses, or other loose articles in a locker or kept with a non-rider. They do not have bins at the station, only racks to place a drink bottle like some of the other rides in the park already have in place.

The station is the same layout as the Georgia Cyclone was. It was given new floorboards and guardrails. The ride exit paths also have new ramps that provide a great view of the interior of the ride. You get a sense of speed and thrill watching the trains go by. You can even feel the station shake a bit when the train flies past after the wave turn element.

As far as the official review of Twisted Cyclone goes, it is an amazing ride that packs a ton of elements in the time spent riding. It is shorter in length than the original Georgia Cyclone but after riding Twisted Cyclone, you do not feel like it was over too quickly. The airtime moments are insane. If you are looking for that “ejector” airtime moment, then my recommendation is to sit toward the back of the train. I had several rides in different positions from the front, middle, and back of the train. The ride is “so smooth” that you won’t find a bad spot depending where you sit on the train. I have found that the rear of the train gives you the most ejector airtime through many of the 10 airtime moments of the ride.

The ride starts out of the station with a turnaround to towards the lift hill. It gives you a few twists back and forth to set the tone of the ride as the train ascends 100 feet into the air. After the quick climb up the hill, it manages to plummet down the 75-degree drop while gathering speeds about 50 miles per hour. The headchopper element on the first drop was great to see as you are ejecting out of your seat towards the sky. You continue right into the reverse cobra roll element. It was an interesting take on the element and very fun to experience. From there, the train flies through the wave turn. What makes this so great is not only do you get some amazing air through this turn but the feeling that you get from flying through the wave turn to immediately twisting left into an ejector hill is unbelievable. Your body is being thrown to the right, to the point where you are hanging almost out of your seat, to shifting left and popping out from the hill is just amazing.

You continue into the over-banked turn and right into the Zero-G roll. This was the most fun element sitting in the front of the train where as the wave turn/hill was the best sitting in the back. After the Zero-G, you get 2 more airtime hills and another over-banked turn inside the structure that results into the final brake run.

Twisted Cyclone is an amazing ride that is worth the trip to Six Flags Over Georgia. It is a wild ride from start to finish and doesn’t let up during the ride. We highly recommend it as one of the top 5 coasters to experience in 2018.

We want to personally thank Gene and the rest of the staff at Six Flags Over Georgia for the southern hospitality they extended to the guests.

You can view our reverse POV video here to see the ride in action!

or take a look at the front-facing POV here