Our travels took us today to the Chicagoland area, as we were invited by Six Flags Great America to attend the media day for their new 2019 roller coaster, Maxx Force.

 This ride is the new 2019 addition for the park. It sits in the former spot of the Pictorium theatre that was in the front of the park next to their Sky Trek Tower observation tower. The brand new white track with dark gray supports really adds to the existing impressive skyline of rides that Six Flags Great America has to offer

In regards to the ride itself, we only have a single question.

How long will it take you to get to 78 miles-per-hour?

Answer: 1.8 seconds.

This ride is intense. Maxx Force is a ride from S&S Sansei Technologies and designed by Joe Draves. It features a compressed air launch system to power the ride. There are 3 underground compression tanks that are almost as large as the length of the station. This makes the launch the fastest in North America. It is a feeling that needs to be experienced yourself to really get how powerful it really is. Having a Formula 1 racing theme, you leave slowly out of the station and sit right before the bridge for the catch car to lock on to the train. It moves you back, ever so slightly to get it into place where you hear the hiss of air getting ready. The next moment, you are moving faster than imagined being you started from a still position. It is breath-taking and awesome all at once. You hear a loud boom, afterwards of the compression system resetting itself for the next riders.

 It launches you upward to a Maxx height of 175 feet, where you twist into a dive back toward the ground, only to turn and speed back past the station towards the final inverted loop into the break run. The ride time is on the shorter side but is high in the thrill factor and is fun enough to keep riding it over and over. I loved the anticipation at the start, waiting for the launch to happen and the rest of the ride is just fun. You get some moments of airtime sitting in the back but get the great view of speed sitting in the front. The restraints are comfortable as they have a seat belt you buckle first, then the lap bar comes down over your legs to your waist. They do have padded restraints that go over your ankle area to keep your feet in place but I found it to have more room compared to the ones on Goliath. Overall, I found it to be comfortable to ride and thrilling enough that once it was over, I wanted to ride again.

Six Flags Great America has a great addition to their already fantastic lineup of rides and we hope you get to the park to experience Maxx Force for yourself.